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Making an Offer

Making an Offer for a Domain listed for sale on Why Think

Information about the bidding process:

Please note that any bid made on a UK domain name is binding for seven working days; therefore, a given offer is valid for seven working days and is considered a binding sales offer. Within this period, the domain buyer is not able to lower his bid; likewise, the domain seller is unable to raise his offer.

Should either party accept an offer, the contract is considered closed - a sales and purchase agreement has been made.

Example: the interested party makes an offer of £500 on 01/09 at 13:40 PM. The seller is able to accept this offer until 08/09 at 13:40 PM - on acceptance, a contract would then be made.

Should a counter-offer be made to a previously valid offer, the previous offer is then released from the 7 day commitment.

Should an offer be agreed and then either party frop out, then the aggrieved is in full rights to pursue all contracted monies.